Self Cleaning Toilet Adapt

Self cleaning toilet indoor

SCT ADAPT for indoor applications

The ideal solution for adapting the Self Cleaning Toilet to any new or existing bathroom.

A small investment will enable you to offer customers the most advanced, clean and hygienic solution in public toilets.It has a fully mechanised and automated basic structure, with its corresponding side and front panels and floor system, and is ready to be installed quickly and easily. In most cases, the installation requires less than one day to install and involves few changes.

  • Tray and perforated floor for water run off are supplied. Floor preparation: simple installation as for a standard shower plate.
  • Types of toilet bowl: any suspended type toilet bowl.
  • Type of door: any that can have an automatic opening device fitted.
  • Side and front panels (see personalization options).
  • Excellent for installing several units in a row.




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