How it works | 3D cleaning

Its simplicity is the key

  • Integral cleaning of the WC
  • Low maintenance
  • Low water consumption.
  • Use of non-polluting products

The Self Cleaning Toilet is the only system that completely automatically cleans and disinfects the WC and its surrounding space.

The system is made up of three parts: a mechanical part, an electrical part and an electronically controlled part. This guarantees optimal performance at all times.

The system is activated automatically when the user leaves the cubicle and closes the door:

  • The system detects that the compartment is vacant and locks the door.
  • The front upper panel of the Self Cleaning Toilet lowers to entirely surround the WC.
  • The cleaning process begins with washing the upper and inner part of the toilet bowl with a rotating device and the front and sides with a pressure jet system. The system uses biodegradable products that guarantee the WC is completely clean and disinfected.
  • Drying is then activated for the entire unit using air pressure. The grid floor system enables all the water on it to drain away.
  • After washing, the front panel lifts up and returns to its original position.
  • The door unlocks leaving the WC perfectly clean and hygienic, ready for the next user.
  • The entire washing and drying process takes just 90 seconds (the activation frequency is programmable).


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How it works

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