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SCT Complete applicaciones

The different models and personalized configurations of the Self Cleaning Toilet make this a versatile and attractive product, completely satisfactory for the user and with multiple applications in several fields and sectors. It assures a good return on the investment made whether in brand image, the attraction of new customers, and additional income or pay-per- use.

The following are some examples of potential general applications:

  • Places where there is a large number of people passing by.
  • Places where hygiene and illness prevention are paramount.
  • Establishments open to the public.
  • Shopping centres, especially with parking lots.
  • Rest areas.
  • Trade shows, fairs and outdoor events.

SCT Complete. Some possible applications

Theme parks and leisure centres

Events, festivals and gatherings

Fuel stations and service and/or rest areas

Urban spaces, beaches, tourist locations, etc.


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